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Packmate Stories

High five from our packmates.

ADOGO pet hotels was designed and created by lifelong dog lover, John Sturgess, a leading hotel industry executive. John Sturgess is also the owner and founder of RetrieveOne advisors, helping early-stage and established organizations implement strategic business solutions.

John Sturgess
ADOGO Pet Hotels

I wanted to you thank you so much for the support we are getting with you guys. Paul is especially wonderful. I was so impressed that he answered the phone whenever we needed him. Also, Wendy is amazing. She had so much patience with me the other day that if was the other way around I would have told her to go get a life. We are now in the training mode with the staff but I have already learned how to use this wonderful system. I’m so thrilled with the PetExec system and I am planning to keep it FURever!

Juliana Marius
Sparta Pet Pallazo

As we continue to grow as a dog resort, we needed an efficient, user-friendly and secure way to run our daycare, boarding, grooming and retail business. PetExec was the answer! Read more.

Michelle and Jaymie Crook
Country Paws Boarding

We saw demos of some of the other products. We were instantly drawn to the look and feel of PetExec. PetExec is helping us run our business the way we want it to run. Read more.

Margy Schmidt & Tammy Purner
Green Beagle Lodge

We have had many hurdles to overcome starting Dog Days of Birmingham, but after finding PetExec to manage our business, we had one less issue to deal with. Read more.

Jimmy & Sue Johnson
Dog Days of Birmingham

The dog services business has so many variables to keep track of!  Sure, there is check-in and check-out; but how about critical services related to caring for a senior dog during boarding or daily printouts for back-of-the-house to safely separate groups during daycare? PetExec does it all. PetExec excels at allowing all the variables to be tracked in an easy-to-use cloud based interface.

As a business owner, it is also critical that we make money and therefore charge for the services rendered. PetExec Daily Statistics Report makes it possible to validate that we are getting paid for all the services our customers ask us to perform. Thank you PetExec for consistently being there and for repeatedly upgrading features that help our business. Proud PetExec user since 2014.

Lisa M. Urdanoff
Coastal Canine Resort LLC

Honestly, PetExec customer service is so friendly and understanding, it is seriously like calling a friend for advice. If ever there is a problem, we can call PetExec customer service and they figure it out for me with no issues.

Kelli Bonasera
Pet Palace Hotels

PetExec is a great product and very user friendly! Working at a dog daycare/boarding facility, it is imperative that all employees know the important details about each dog guest, such as when to give medications and feeding requirements. PetExec is a vital tool in keeping track of these important details. PetExec is extremely user-friendly to use.

Betty McEldowney
HotDiggity Dog Daycare

PetExec is the best software out there for any boarding, grooming, and or daycare center. There are still a few kinks to be worked out, however, their customer services more than makes up for this. They are always updating and progressing the software. I absolutely love that I can check dogs in and out on my phone!

Joshua Franchuk
Dee-O-Gee Care

The best feature of PetExec is the ease of use. PetExec is wonderful. PetExec helps me run my business efficiently which makes me happy and my two-legged and four-legged clients very happy.

Suzanne Steltenpohl
K9 Campers

I really enjoy using the PetExec program for my work. PetExec is easy to navigate through. I never have to spend a lot of time looking for one special area. Booking 4-legged clients is so easy to do. It’s not difficult to train new employees on how to use the PetExec system. My employees learned the system really fast. PetExec gives me exactly what I need to get my work done easily.

Renee Ceniceros
Red Rover Pet Resort

I really like the look and variety of functions of PetExec (that I’ve yet to fully explore)! I researched various programs before deciding on PetExec. My readiness to purchase coincided with their new look and upgrade, so I didn’t have to relearn anything. I love the look of the dashboard and how easy it is to navigate.

It is pretty user-friendly but I had challenges learning how to set it up for my exact business model and needs. I finally purchased the coaching and am so thankful I did. It was worth it! PetExec’s customer service has been wonderful. My company isn’t huge and although web-based software is an added expense, I am thankful I chose PetExec and haven’t regretted it one bit! I highly recommend the Golden Paw Coaching for anyone new to PetExec.

Susan Moon
Flat Creek Pet Care

We like how organized PetExec is and that we can access it from any mobile device. When I first started using this software, I found it quite confusing, but after the many months of using PetExec, it now comes naturally to me. This program makes running my business  a lot smoother and it keeps things really organized. I enjoy using this program.

Evangeline Pridie
A Fetching Place

I was able to utilize PetExec within a couple days of training. PetExec is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I have always been able to easily contact customer support with any issues that may arise.

Kristen Trussell
Elkhound Ranch Kennels

The PetExec system is user friendly, easy to navigate, and wonderful for both our team and clients. Our clients love the easy communication via the software. The PetExec system is a great addition to our business.

Keely Ohmart
Bergen Bark Inn

I can’t say enough good things about PetExec.  We switched just over two years ago and I wish I had taken the leap sooner.  The interface is intuitive and easy to use and there are so many features that help my business run smoothly and efficiently. Clients love using the owner portal. My staff spends less time on the phone and is now able to focus on other tasks. I love the automatic email reminders. I can’t imagine how we survived before PetExec. Read more.

Ashley Jacobsohn
K-9 Planet

Packmate owners at D Pet Hotels in Hollywood, take care of some very furry celebrities. 4-legged customer Marley, had an excellent daycare experience with D Pet Hotels. Watch Marley on Entertainment Tonight.

Alissa & Alan Cruz
D Pet Hotels Hollywood

I shudder to think of what would have happened if we had not had PetExec. After a huge storm shut down our Internet, PetExec allowed us to carry on business with our cell phones. We were able to check-in and out pets without missing a beat. I’m not sure you can really understand how awesome PetExec is until you are faced with an issue that is beyond your control. Technology is wonderful and PetExec rocks! Read More.

Lori Chaffin Hayes
Calypso Boarding Kennels

If you’re considering switching to PetExec from a competitive product… I am very happy we made the switch back to PetExec. I made a very costly mistake switching to a competitor’s system. The support from PetExec continues to be terrific. In my opinion and experience, you would not go wrong in making the switch to PetExec. Read more.

Chuck Butler
Savy Paws Pet Resort

One thing is for sure, if I hadn’t found PetExec and Paula, running this complex place wouldn’t be possible. It can be run by anyone with a smartphone, tablet, and laptop! PetExec makes everything so easy for everyone, even makes communication seamless. This is absolutely the best system out there to run this or any kind of business like this. It’s because of PetExec that we can do what we do.  Read more.

Adam Summerford
We Talk Dog

I own one of the biggest doggy daycares in Australia.  After testing all the other suggested systems, thankfully I found PetExec. I couldn’t be happier with the decision. I truly believe PetExec is the best system on the market for doggy daycare management. With the sheer number of dogs that we check in and out each day for doggy daycare, we just couldn’t do it with out PetExec. PetExec is one of my secret killer business advantages. Read more.

Bree Robbins
Paddington Pups

Reserved Barking has been using PetExec from the day we opened our doors back in April of 2010 and we love it. It is a very robust and user-friendly system that is always being improved by the PetExec team. The tech support staff is extremely easy to contact and they are super friendly, intelligent and helpful. Thank you PetExec, we couldn’t have done it without you. Read more.

Bilal Malik
Reserved Barking

I take comfort knowing that PetExec can handle my expanding customer base with ease, allowing me to focus my energy on growing my business and enjoying my canine customers! My staff and customers enjoy the PetExec friendly product interface and speed. I am extremely happy with their service. I will recommend PetExec whenever I can. Read more.

Deb Watkins
Canine College

Opening a new business brings so many challenges but finding the right software seemed to be the easiest decision of all. I cannot express how wonderful PetExec is and how easy it makes my business run! Paula and Paul can help you with anything and find you the most efficient ways to utilize your system to benefit your bottom line. To me it was a no-brainer, the small monthly fee gets me access from anywhere with updates that adjust with the times. Why wouldn’t you use PetExec? Read more.

Catherine Crews
Canine Crews

One of the most valuable features of the system is the vaccination information available on the dashboard for all of our daycare and boarding dogs. It makes it very easy to give our customers an update on expiring vaccinations so that their dogs stay up-to-date and we then we do not have any issues with dogs not having the proper vaccinations. Read More.

Courtney Storck
Diggin' Inn Pet Resort

I am so happy I found Petexec! Paula has become a great business friend! I am big on customer service and this sweetheart brought it. She even came to see our facility in Los Angeles when she came into town. WOW, I was so humbled!

I am here to proudly say that Doggie Goddess Pet Services are very, very satisfied and we will FUR-EVER be customers. Thank you Paula and the wonderful team at PetExec. Read more.

Traci (The Doggie Goddess)
Doggie Goddess Pet Services

I absolutely love your system. I was inputting all the data today and two clients emailed me thanking them for the vaccination reminder and another for their boarding reminder. It is so great that PetExec emails do that automatically. The PetExec email feature helps me send out such professional looking emails. I said, WOW! I sent that out? LOL. I can’t wait to get in and customize everything!

So cool! I am sure I will be giving you more testimonials as I get into this system more. I really do love it!

Michele Williams
Puppy Paradise

I’ve been using PetExec since I opened in 2010. The software is very user friendly and so is the customer service. Paula and her team are outstanding! While I haven’t had many issues, anytime I call Paula she treats me like an old friend and has helped me not only with the software, but also with helpful ideas or suggestions. Their customer service response time is very quick and they are great at keeping their users informed if the system is having an issue and when they have upcoming upgrades.

I also love that PetExec is cloud-based. When my computer crashed last year, I didn’t have to worry about losing my clientele info, statistic reports, etc. It is also so convenient to be able to use my smartphone to schedule dogs for either boarding or daycare when the computer isn’t available to me.

Maria Temir