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Barcode Key Tags

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Barcode Key Tags


Most retail items already come with a barcode that that can be scanned when adding products and services in PetExec. For customers, you would only need one barcode for each owner since all pets would fall under the umbrella of that owner.

When we surveyed our customers to see if they would be interested in scanning and using barcode tags, we were overwhelmed with positive responses. Much hard work and development went into developing PetExec this feature.

PetExec has arranged a great rate for our customers. Barcode Key Tags are made by Vanguard ID Systems, which offers quantity discount to our PetExec customers if purchased from this PetExec site.

These cards are rectangular 1.125 in x 2.625 in. Vanguard’s patented TeslinĀ® production process offers a five year guarantee on the life and performance of your barcode key tags.

*Free Shipping to USA. No Returns on Barcode Key Tags.

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Barcode Tag Options

Barcode Tags 2 Pack - Quantity: 1000

Price: $565.00

Barcode Tags 2 Pack - Quantity: 500

Price: $469.00

Barcode Tag Single - Quantity: 1000

Price: $395.00

Barcode Tag Single - Quantity: 500

Price: $265.00