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PetExec Mobile App Review

Perfect for Packmate's Pet Parents

PetExec Mobile App Review

Depending on company settings, the PetExec Mobile app provides a native solution to the web-based portal. Most actions are self-explanatory. If any content listed here doesn’t exist in your app, contact the company you are logged into and ask if they will enable some of these features. View PetExec Mobile app pdf.

The PetExec Mobile app is separated into three sections: Account, Services, and Packages.

Once your initial owner information is set up, most of your interactions with the app will be to request various services.

After selecting, your request will follow a similar process:

petexec services mobile

Request and Schedule a Boarding

Depending on the preset pet care company preferences, there are two ways of selecting a boarding.

petexec scheduling drop down menu

petexec boarding services menu

Modify a Boarding

petexec select boarding modification

Delete a Boarding

petexec delete boarding

Request and Schedule a Daycare

Example: The pet owner is requesting a full day of daycare every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the month of December for pets, Colonel and Bob.

request a daycare

petexec daycare range

Request and Schedule a Grooming

petexec request grooming

Request Other Services

petexec other services 1

petexec other services 3

Request Group Training

Requesting Group Training for your pets is easy.

petexec request training 1 petexec request training


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