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If you’re considering switching to PetExec from a competitive product.

I am very happy we made the switch back to PetExec.

savy-pawsIf you’re considering switching to PetExec from a competitive product, this is my testimonial of returning back to PetExec.

When I started up almost four years ago, we started using PetExec. I was very happy with it all along but was looking for something more. I thought that a competitive product was the solution so we implemented the other program about a year ago.

I made a very costly mistake switching to a competitor’s system. Features I was told and sold did not function correctly or at all. Support was terrible and expensive. The final straw was when I asked how to generate one very important report and their customer service asked why would I need such a thing.

I contacted Paula about switching back to PetExec and I am extremely happy I did. PetExec made significant enhancements to their system as well as making it even easier to use. I would not move away again. PetExec transferred my data from the competitor and it went very smoothly. PetExec transferred all the customer info over for a nominal fee.

The support from PetExec continues to be terrific, via emails or online chats. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask. In my opinion and experience, you would not go wrong in making the switch to PetExec.

Chuck Butler, Savy Paws Pet Resort