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Pampered Pets of Southern Maryland

I have been caring for pets as long as I can remember.

We grew the business from pet sitting to a members-only dog day care.

customers-pampered-petsI have been caring for pets as long as I can remember and started doing so professionally in 1989 to put myself through veterinary school. In 1991, I started Pampered Pets caring for a wide variety of animals. When I started I made visits to peoples homes while they were away, I was one of the first pet sitters before Pet Sitting was considered a real business.

After marrying my husband in 1999, we grew the business from pet sitting to running a Private/Members Only Dog Day Care and Boarding. We now have an upscale, commercial location that is growing wildly and receiving local and national honors. We offer Dog DayCare, Cage Free Boarding, Grooming, Training and a complete list of holistic foods and treats.

We have been using PetExec for the last two years and often think of all the unnecessary long hours we spent before on the paperwork and e-mail communications that demanded our attention.

PetExec is like having a secretary that never calls in sick and never forgets or an assistant who never goes home. We love PetExec. Their price is unbeatable, the quality of the program is top notch, and the customer support is amazing. You can access your information anywhere you have access to the internet.

PetExec allows us to keep an eye on the shop even when we are not there. We set notification settings so we are notified of transactions through our merchant account and we can use our phones anywhere to see who is on schedule for checking in or out. The vaccination alerts are one of our favorite features but honestly there is so much to love about PetExec that we could go on forever.

Time is precious and as a business owner time is money. PetExec has taken the place of our telephone confirmation calls, confirmation emails, vaccination alerts, as well as Happy Birthday wishes to the pups, our clients are very happy and love getting the personalized notifications.

PetExec is the tool we use to keep on top, this program makes us look like a genius to our clientele who demand nothing less than perfection.

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