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PetExec is one of my secret killer business advantages.

We had the honour and privilege to host Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer.

paddington-caesarI spent months searching for a system that would allow me the speed and efficiency I need to run at the high capacity that we do. Not only did it take me months, but I contacted over a dozen of the best Doggy Daycare centres in Australia and USA to ask them directly what systems they were using so I could test them before I made such an important decision for my business.

I own one of the biggest doggy daycares in Australia, so I wasn’t prepared to make such an important decision lightly. After testing all the other suggested systems, thankfully I found PetExec. I couldn’t be happier with the decision. I truly believe PetExec is the best system on the market for doggy daycare management.

With the sheer number of dogs that we check in and out each day for doggy daycare, we just couldn’t do it with out PetExec. We don’t do boarding so all our dogs are dropped off in the morning and checked out that night. Often we will be so busy in our peak times that we are checking in or out more than one dog a minute! For this sort of efficiency you need a system that can allow you to process your records FAST. Nothing else on the market seemed to understand the need for a speedy delivery.

Our clients have told us how impressed they are that even in busy times they never have to wait to pick up their dog or to sort out their accounts, it’s that quick. They don’t know it’s because of PetExec, but I do.

Before PetExec, we had a very archaic system; I KNOW we were missing payments, as items just didn’t get added to accounts. I couldn’t track properly the information I needed in the timeframe I needed it. Just by using PetExec in the beginning, we accounted for over $300 a week in missing items that should have been billed to clients that previously just got missed. Now we don’t miss a beat: two years of PetExec has saved my business over $15,000 of previously lost revenue.

Plus PetExec just keeps getting better and better as they allow users like me to suggest improvements and then they actually implement them. So it’s like having a tailor made program for my business but better because I have the ideas of hundreds of pet care businesses just like mine without the hassle and massive investment of having to build software myself.

When people who are looking to set up other doggy daycare centres ask me what system I use, I am always torn, as I want to tell everyone how amazing PetExec is but then I know if my competitors don’t have PetExec, they won’t ever be able to run at the same high standard we run at. So it depends who’s asking. Sometimes I just want it to be my special secret.

PetExec is one of my secret killer business advantages. Will it be yours?

Paddington Pups had the honour and privilege to host the one and only Dog Whisperer – Cesar Millan for a charity event on behalf of his charitable organisation – the Cesar Millan Foundation

Bree Robbins, Paddington Pups.