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I love the automatic email reminders.

I can’t say enough good things about PetExec.

We switched from our old software just over two years ago; I wish I had taken the leap sooner.  The PetExec interface is intuitive and easy to use. There are so many features that help my business run smoothly and efficiently.  Clients love using the owner portal. My staff spends less time on the phone and is able to focus on other tasks.

The fact that PetExec is fully functioning on mobile devices is so helpful.  I can access the system from anywhere. We never have to make a customer wait or miss a payment because of computer or Internet provider issues since we can just check them out from our cell phones.  I love the automatic email reminders and can’t imagine how we survived without them before switching to PetExec. PetExec exported our data from our old system and after taking the Golden Paw Coaching sessions, the switch went seamlessly.

The customer service is also top of the line. With our old software, customer service was nonexistant. I was kind of in shock with how responsive and helpful everyone at PetExec is. The online chat support is great and my staff can use it too. It’s so helpful that they can fix things right when they happen instead of having to leave notes for me to correct later. I have sent requests really late at night when the support is offline and even on weekends, the team responds via email usually by the next morning.

The integrated payment processing is also amazing and so easy. Josh at FirstClass Merchant Services is so helpful and always accessible as well. In the off chance that you need void an order or fix something directly in the credit card batches, the First Data Gateway is extremely user friendly, and Josh is always available to help if needed.

Ashley Jacobsohn, K-9 Planet