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Green Beagle Lodge

We designed the Lodge to be a special place for dogs and cats.

Clean, Green, Safe and Lots of Fun

green-beagleOur name is derived from our interest in environmentally friendly design, a love of beagles and strong desire to distinguish our service level and offerings from typical boarding places.

While building the Lodge, we attended a show in Baltimore. We knew that one of the keys to running our business efficiently would be to have the right business system in place. We saw demos of some of the other products.

We were instantly drawn to the look and feel of PetExec. Then we met Paula! She was enthusiastic, patient, and supportive. We loved the fact that the system was built from scratch, not based on the capabilities of other software, and that PetExec team was honest, open, direct, available and responsive. PetExec is helping us run the business the way we want it to run.

We designed the Lodge to be a special place for dogs and cats, their owners, and our staff, and PetExec is helping us make this happen.

Our Lodge features frequent air turns and great cleaning products keep the facility fresh. We capture rainwater and use it for cleaning and restrooms. Our building features clear story alcoves, sun tunnels and glass block windows, which make lights unnecessary on most days. Staff training focuses on proper handling, and the reading of body language to avoid problems.

Our member park helps eliminate some of the behavior and health-related guesswork related to visiting public dog parks. We have over 30,000 sq ft of outdoor space so we have plenty of yards to run groups or individual dogs. We emphasize outdoor play, and we group dogs by size, temperament and desired level of activity. The outdoor play areas are a reclaimed soccer and football field, which keeps the dogs clean and eliminates the need for fertilizing, cutting and watering grass.

Margy Schmidt & Tammy Purner, Green Beagle Lodge.