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I am big on customer service and this sweetheart brought it.

Doggie Goddess Pet Services will FUR-ever be a customer.

doggie goddessI am so happy I found Petexec. I tried a different company’s demo and I was so lost and confused on their program. It was NOT easy. I also considered buying a cd software that costs thousands but when I saw I’d have to pay thousands more for upgrades to the program, that wasn’t a choice for me.

Then I found PetExec. I signed up for their Demo, and instantly felt comfortable with the setup process for entering clients, dogs, and pricing. Checking in and checking out was simple and to the point. Being able to access PetExec anywhere i.e. my cell phone, tablet, home, or work was a plus! After a few hours, I signed up.

And that’s when I met Paula! I am big on customer service and this sweetheart brought it. She answered all of our questions and showed us lots of features that made running our business much easier. Paula has become a great business friend. She even came to see our facility in Los Angeles when she came into town. WOW! I was so humbled. They’re always available to help. I sometimes have questions, and right there on the software is a chat button. A few typed sentences and my questions are answered. AWESOME!

There are always updates that you are NOT charged for and their monthly rate is very reasonable considering everything that they give you. This wonderful team works around the clock to ensure that we as their customers are happy and satisfied.

I am here to proudly say that at Doggie Goddess Pet Services, we are very satisfied and will FUR-EVER be a customer. Thank you Paula and the wonderful team of PetExec.

Traci, Doggie Goddess Pet Services

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