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Country Paws

As members of the family, dogs deserve a better boarding experience.

Dogs deserve a better boarding experience.

country-pawsCountry Paws is recognized as a Premiere Boarding Facility, providing personal care and attention for dogs in London and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Our kennel evolved from the belief that as members of the family, dogs deserve a better boarding experience. Whether a dog is with us for doggie daycare, the weekend or longer, we strive every day to provide the ultimate boarding experience.

As dog lovers and owners ourselves, we have created special boarding kennel services and facilities that create a fun, stress-free, and secure stay for all of our four-legged guests. Our team includes more than 20 dedicated professionals at each of our two locations who work hard to ensure that each furry guest is treated like one of our own. Team members include pet care technicians, animal care graduates, and of course, dog owners and lovers themselves.

Because we continue to grow as a dog resort, we needed to find an efficient, user-friendly and secure way to run our daycare, boarding, grooming and retail business. PetExec was the answer. From their innovative business program to their helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff, every day our experience with PetExec confirms that we have partnered with true leaders in the pet care industry. It’s nice to know when we have a question, Paul and Paula are always happy to listen, answer, and implement fresh ideas that allow us to keep growing as a company.

Michelle and Jaymie Crook, Country Paws Boarding