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Canine Crews

It saves hours of phone or email time.

Best of all, my customers can login and schedule daycare or boarding.

canine-crewsOpening a new business brings so many challenges but finding the right software seemed to be the easiest decision of all. PetExec works for us in a way that a traditional downloaded system just wouldn’t. With PetExec, we have updates throughout the year, unbelievable technical customer service and the ability to log on from anywhere with any amount of users AND with NO hidden fees!

Web-based scare you? Well, it shouldn’t. In over two years, we have only lost the server one time for less than two hours. When my Internet service provider goes down, I can log in from my smart phone or tablet. It just happened this morning with my Internet provider and our total down time was about two minutes while we floundered to figure out if our Internet was indeed down. I can also log on from anywhere to take a look at what is going on in my building and read any notes from the staff that might need an answer.

Best of all, my customers can log on and schedule daycare or boarding or check on their account for past purchases or remaining daycare or boarding days in their package. It saves HOURS of phone or email time with that capability.

I cannot express how wonderful PetExec is and how easy it makes my business run! Paula and Paul can help you with anything and find you the most efficient ways to utilize your system to benefit your bottom line. To me it was a no brainer, the small monthly fee gets me access from anywhere with free updates, why wouldn’t you use PetExec?

Catherine Crews, Canine Crews