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Calypso Boarding Kennels

The only system to have in an emergency.

PetExec helped us carry on after a big storm hit our internet.

Calypso Boarding KennelsLast week we had an incredible storm that knocked out one of our computers and our Internet service. I shudder to think of what would have happened if we had not had PetExec. Our older system is still in operation until the end of the year (so we could have transfered files) but was only is visible on one computer. Thank you PetExec.

PetExec allowed us to carry on business with our cell phones; checking pets in and out without missing a beat. We were also able to carry on with our daily operations with no major issues. Our awesome staff was incredible dealing with the outage. I am so impressed with how the PetExec performs. I’m not sure you can really understand how awesome PetExec is until you are faced with a weather issue that is beyond your control. Technology is wonderful and PetExec rocks!

We are also thankful we switched our merchant services to FirstClass Merchant Services. Checking out customers securely is a huge bonus.

Lori Chaffin Hayes, Calypso Boarding Kennels