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Image Texting

Send unlimited pictures messaging to your two-legged customers.

SMS Picture Messaging Option

Directions to Purchase SMS Picture Messaging.
Review SMS Picture Messaging Terms and Conditions.

Add Picture Messaging to Your Communications
SMS Texting is included in your monthly PetExec subscription cost. With PetExec 3.3, you can also review your SMS text messaging logs. Picture Messaging Option includes sending an unlimited number of text images to the pet owners in your system. Text message replies from your pet owners is currently not available.

Whate does Picture Messaging Cost?
$10 fee for picture messaging will be added to your monthly PetExec subscription. In order to support pictures, a phone number will be purchased by PetExec for your business. The monthly fee covers that cost.

How to Set Up PetExec for Picture Messaging
You may need to make the following changes to your application preferences in order to see the owners phone number in the system. Use the following settings if you do not currently have owner’s phone numbers appear on the dashboard:

If you wish to turn this feature off, please notify We will cancel the service. Please allow 30 days for the fee to be cancelled. The monthly fee is non-refundable, regardless of whether or not the feature was used.