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Golden Paw Coaching

Individual or small group sessions to sniff your way around PetExec.

Golden Paw Coaching is for Everyone!

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Point Your Paws in the Right Direction
PetExec is packed with fantastic features that will enhance and automate your workflow. While initial set up is very intuitive, having your own personal coach on your side will ensure that you do not miss any of the amazing features or modules that will enhance how you run your business. Packmates who have just joined the PetExec family will have their business up and running quickly. For our more experienced packmates, there is always something new to learn. Our PetExec coaches offer personalized care that will immediately make you feel like part of the PetExec family!

Don’t Have Time to Dig?
Your coach will recommend a system setup that will work best for your business. With a coach you’ll work much faster and have more fun than going it alone. Spend a few minutes with your coach before your session begins and we’ll put together customized strategies and recommended best practices ready for your session.

Better than simply setting up the system for you, your Golden Paw Coach will help you learn how to use the system, so that as your business grows and evolves, PetExec will be right there with you. Web-based sessions allow us to work directly in your system, making suggestions throughout the session. Invite anyone from your team to the sessions, we can teach individuals or a small group.

How much does it cost?
Golden Paw Coaching provides 3 hours of sessions for $300.

Complete Learning Sessions

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