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Golden Paw Coaching Testimonials

You can always teach an old dog new tricks.

What Packmates are saying about Golden Paw Coaching.


Do it! Totally worth it! I’d advise to take Golden Paw Coaching as three 1-hour sessions. It’s too much info to do all at once.
Sarah Richardson, The Canine Connection

We loved the Golden Paw Coaching. We did three one-hour sessions. They record the sessions and send you a copy, they also give you little “homework” sheets so you can get ahead and start setup or write down any questions you may have. I definitely recommend!
Jordanne Gossman, Calypso Kennels

Taking Golden Paw Coaching helped!
Christine Durner, Paws A While

Yes, it’s worth it. Definetly do sign up.
Chris Gatti, Manager, Gracelane Kennels

Golden Paw coaching was invaluable to help setup my products, packages, services and therefore how to check in (and therefore get paid) for the kind of service offerings I wanted. It will help you form in your mind how to use Petexec around the way you want to run your business I found it extremely worth it.
Lisa Urdanoff, Coastal Canine Resort

The software is complex… you can use it without really learning about it (wing it) but the golden paw coaching really helped me think it through and get it set up correctly for my specific needs. I had my manager attend with me, so it really served us both – me for setup, and her for learning the system. I am very computer savvy and still found value in the service.
Kate Vogel Friedrichs, Wagging Tails Arizona

I found a lot of value with the Golden Paw coaching. I liked that I was able to have one-on-one attention. I needed that in order to set up PetExec to work with my facility and meet my specific needs. It was a hard transition to the new system and I needed the help setting up play area’s and boarding rooms and daycare schedules. Without the Golden Paw training I would have struggled with the system and it would have taken me twice as long to get up and running. The PetExec staff has always been very helpful and I’m very glad I chose their system for my doggie daycare. I did 3 one-hour sessions. I suggest you spread it out over a week or two so that you can see what else you need help with. Use the first hour to set up boarding with the coach.
Cristy Martel, The Four Paws Inn

If you are new to PetExec, I highly recommend Golden Paw coaching. I had the good fortune to have Otilia guide me through the learning process. I’m sure she was exhausted after our sessions, as I am an old dog myself, and tend to take a bit longer to learn new tricks. She was professional, understanding, and extremely patient with me and all of my questions and issues. When I needed that extra bit of training; Otilia was there for me, always positive, encouraging and helpful. The service she provided went above and beyond what the description of the Golden Paw program says. Can’t say enough about how much that meant to me.
Dionne Roeder, Happy, Clean and Smart