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PetExec Features

Designed to manage your pet daycare, boarding, grooming, training, scheduled service or retail business.

Feature-rich, modern business system.

PetExec features a cloud-based system. It’s accessible anywhere, anytime. Web-based systems have many advantages over a system loaded onto your computer’s hard drive. You are not limited to one computer location and in the event of your hard drive failure, you will be able to access your PetExec business system from any other PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone with a reliable internet connection.

PetExec allows concurrent users on the system at the same time. Each user may be assigned with a unique user login ID and password.

Hackers and thieves beware! Your PetExec data is backed up continuously and securely. Secure AES-256 bit High Grade encryption keeps your transaction data safe between your computer and our servers. Additionally all credit card and other information is encrypted inside the data base. PetExec was designed and tested by programmers and end user experts who have experience in the pet daycare industry.
PetExec makes checking out dogs and services easy and quick.

Features that will keep your pack on track.


PetExec Packmates Perks
  • Ongoing system upgrades are included in your monthly subscription, based on feature requests from our packmates.
  • Monthly subscription fee covers all the features, security, and support that PetExec has to offer. No hidden fees. The price you signed up with will never increase as long as you remain an active subscriber of PetExec.
  • Industry-leading support via online chat, email, or phone.
  • Join the Pack! Packmates have exclusive access to our Facebook PetExec Packmate page. Share ideas with some of the best and brightest business owners in the industry.
  • PetExec works with preferred vendors who provide excellent service and have made the PetExec cut.
System Highlights
  • Intuitive, easy to learn, and fun too. Help screens and instructions are included throughout. Plus PetExec chat and email customer service reps are close by. For additional help, we offer our Golden Paw Coaching.
  • Powerful preference settings to customize PetExec to suit your business.
  • Alternative date formats for international accessibility.
Business Management
  • Set up PetExec based on your pricing and physical space. Create your own products and services in the system based on your business needs.
  • Manage employee scheduling with time clock capability.
  • Manage PetExec user administration. Set different administration levels by employee or by job description. Employees may use the system per your discretion but won’t get their paws on anything you don’t want them to access.
  • Manage your business with the combined In-house Dashboard view. Dashboard quickly shows you how many pets are checked into daycare, boarding, grooming, or alternative services. Dashboard easily filters and sorts data with one click.
  • Send your clients an SMS text message with just one click. Contact us for more details about usability. For an additional charge you can add text imaging.
Reporting Convenience
  • PetExec features a multitude of reports. From the activities of the pets, financial transactions, statistics, and histories to calendars and so much more. All available 24/7. Everything to keep you in-the-know.
  • Revenue reports are exportable to Excel or tab delimited files. Available with break down by date range, payment type, service type and more. All can be imported into most popular accounting programs.
  • Provide secure access to your PetExec account to your accountant. Your accountant can collect business reports and financial data 24/7 from your PetExec system.
Powerful Email Capability
  • Customized branded emails. Add a personal touch for client appointment reminders, vaccination alerts, and more. Set up your preferences for PetExec to send emails. Design them to match your own brand and then forget about it. PetExec doesn’t mind. It’s part of making you look your best to your customers. Of course, you can use your own artwork as an email header.
  • Confirmation and reminder emails can be automatically sent to the client. Reminders may also be sent automatically to remind clients of upcoming reservations. Medication and feeding preference information from the Pet Record is carried over into the boarding reservation to track all the important information for a 4-legged guest.
  • Email blast a direct, targeted message to your clients. Send emails with current offers and marketing messages or email employees important messages.
  • Your PetExec system is branded to your business not ours. Put your best face forward.
Paperless Convenience
  • PetExec allows for document storage. You or your clients can upload important documents and pictures directly into your PetExec system.
  • Going paperless? PetExec allows your clients to electronically sign contracts and boarding agreement documents.
Two-Legged Owner Login
  • Secure login for pet owners. Pet owners may schedule appointments, modify pet information, make payments and more.  You control what owners are able to access by setting the preferences ahead of time.
  • Your logo is displayed to your two-legged customers when they login to their account.
  • Add personalized notes for customers to read about their pet’s stay.
  • Customers can upload documents and electronically sign your contracts and boarding agreements.
  • Create “per-owner” level pricing. For example, use this feature to offer a discount to the military or a program where specific customers receive unique pricing.
  • Webcam accessibility. We provide a link to a page so that your customers can log in to PetExec and select the link to your camera. We don’t want just anyone to be able to spot Fido playing online, just your customers with secure access.
Pet Daycare Module
  • Create options for daycare types and prices unique to your business including daycare packages.
  • Access vaccination information quickly and easily. Color coding tells you immediately if a pet’s vaccinations are not up-to-date or about to expire. Pet safety is important at PetExec just like it is for you.
  • Schedule daycare services for your four-legged customers. PetExec tracks pets by owner, so you can schedule a daycare stay for all the pets in a family with one reservation or schedule them separately if they each have unique options.
  • Schedule a one-time daycare stay or schedule reoccurring visits all at once. Check your walk-in clients into daycare with just a few clicks.
  • Quickly sign pets into daycare with just a few clicks. You can then quickly and easily take care of that pet owner as well. Add services to a daycare stay quickly with a drop-down menu at check-in or add a note about that pet.
  • Create unique play areas in the system. Indicate on the pet record the play areas that best suit each pet. This information will be displayed at the time the daycare reservation is made.
  • Create a customized report card about a pet stay and email or print for your 2-legged clients.
  • Print an order estimate. Easily access your customer’s shopping cart to add retail items or additional products and services.
  • Checking out a pet is easy! Services received are in the cart then you can add, modify, or delete products and services at checkout. Add a note at checkout and click to send an email receipt or thank you.
Pet Boarding Module
  • Create unique boarding products and services based on your business model. Create boarding and daycare packages and set pricing accordingly.
  • PetExec is busy calculating the hours and days the pet is boarded so checkout is a breeze. Add daycare fees automatically after boarding for your four-legged guests who want to stay and continue playing.
  • Schedule a boarding stay for your four-legged customers. PetExec tracks pets by owner so you can schedule a boarding stay for all the pets in a family with one reservation or schedule them separately if they each have unique options.
  • Access vaccination information quickly and easily. Color coding tells you immediately if a pet’s vaccinations are not up-to-date or about to expire. Pet safety is a number one priority at PetExec just like it is for you.
  • Create your “kennel or boarding space” allotment. PetExec will track your occupancy and prohibit additional reservations when you are full. PetExec will permit you to double-book a client.
  • Preview a snapshot of your Kennel Count at the time of the boarding reservation.
Pet Grooming Module
  • Create your grooming services and set prices accordingly.
  • Set different pricing types by breed and or size to determine correct pricing. Groomers have the flexibility to set their pricing and schedule.
  • Schedule a grooming service by itself or add grooming to a boarding stay. You can also schedule a time for the grooming appointment and a specific groomer.
  • Track groomer’s commission by employee. Print a report showing all commissions by groomer.
  • Monthly, weekly, or daily calendar view of all grooming appointments. Color coding by employee will make it easy to see the availability of your groomers.
Pet Training Module
  • Keep track and create rosters and other information on classes and students with PetExec.
  • Either add the class cost to the cart or take payment right from the Dashboard.
  • Monthly, weekly, or daily calendar view of all training classes.
  • Use color coding for each class makes it easy to see a schedule at a glance.
Retail Services Module Barcode Compatible
  • PetExec is barcode compatible.
  • Use barcodes from your retail items to identify items during the checkout process.
  • Purchase PetExec barcode key tags. Facilitate the customer check-in process with your own barcode key tags. Key tags may be customized with your logo.
  • For more information view Barcode Key Tags.
Alternative Scheduled Services Module
  • Unique services can be added using the scheduled services module.
  • If you offer alternative services outside of daycare, boarding, grooming, or training, you can add those alternative services. List unique services such as dog walks, aromatherapy, massages, one-on-one training and consultations.
  • Build these services in PetExec and price them accordingly.
  • You can schedule these services independently or along with a boarding visit.
  • You also have the option of assigning the service to an employee.
  • Sign the pet into this service and it is automatically added to that customer’s shopping cart.
  • See a calendar view of all schedules services by month, week, day or view a list of all scheduled services.

Click this PetExec Documentation Link to see visual representation of these features and more.