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About Us

PetExec was established to aid owners in the pet care industry.

Our Mission

PetExec was established to aid owners in the pet care industry. PetExec helps pet care business owners keep accurate records while increasing the efficiency of their business operations. PetExec manages operations and maintains databases of your important information.

Developed with cutting-edge technology, PetExec end-users will find the system easy to learn and to teach employees. Business owners will be able to devote more time to grow their business and increase their profits. PetExec reduces many hours of tedious paperwork work while improving accuracy and prioritizing customer service.

Pet care businesses will also benefit from the marketing segments built into the PetExec. Business owners can set the system to automatically send their customers a friendly email alert for pet vaccinations or an appointment reminder. PetExec can automatically emails birthday messages to clients.

Our Start

After a great deal of success including the Dell NFIB award building a custom back-end application for a dog daycare franchise, Paul Naro (Applications Programmer) and Paula Mosteller (Web Site Design & Marketing) decided to take their know-how to the pet care industry.

A successful businessman first approached Paula. He wanted a custom application for his pet daycare in North Dakota. This prompted an idea, “Why not develop an application customized for any pet business; make it multi-platform, easy-to-use, and yet powerful enough to add services as the business grows?”

Paul and Paula worked diligently on the concept utilizing the very highest level of new technology to create PetExec. We feel this is the absolute best, most adaptable program available for the pet care industry.

Our Goals

Our goals include finding as many ways as possible to ease the pressure of ensuring successful business operations in the pet care industry. PetExec is ready to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

For the last 10+ years, PetExec has been a trendsetter in the pet care industry. Our vision from the start was to design an efficient system to manage pet: daycare, boarding, grooming, training, associated services and retail business.

The PetExec team is excited about our newest release, PetExec 3.1. We are wagging our tails about even more features for our packmates. More than just a pretty face, PetExec 3.1 combines a bright, modern design while maintaining the proven solution that is PetExec. PetExec 3.1 includes exciting enhancements:

Other immediate plans include developing relationships with qualified animal experts countrywide to provide advice and consultation.

PetExec is committed to providing a one-stop resource for technology, marketing, and consulting along with the very best possible customer experience.